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PC, RC/Radio, Encoder and Hall Sensor cables and adapters for Roboteq's motor controllers

Name Description Product Page
CABLE-USB-232-CONV For connection of PC USB port to Roboteq RS232 port Product details
CABLE-RGBx1 Cable for RGBL controllers. 8 color-coded wires, 3ft long. Product details
RS232-TTL Adapter This adapter helps to convert TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) level signals to RS232 interface of the RoboteQ motor controllers. Product details
48-24V DC-DC Converter DC-DC, 48V to 24V, 5A, Waterproof Step-down Volt Converter Power Supply with Aluminum Shell Product details
BOB25H Break out board for HDC24xx, HBL23xx, HBL16xx. 9 pin dsub cable is not included and is to be ordered separately. Product details
RS232 Isolator Optically isolates the three RS232 lines: Tx, Rx and GND. Protects your serial devices from transient surges and ground loops up to 5000V in each direction. Product details
CABLE-DS9 9 pin D-Sub cable six feet length male/female Product details
BOB25F Break out board for FBL2360 and FDC3260. 9 pin dsub cable is not included and is to be ordered separately. Product details
Digital Tachometer Digital tachometer capable of measuring motor rotational velocity using both contact and laser. Product details
USB Isolator Full speed USB 2.0 compliant port isolator with a 1000V isolation voltage. This device protects your PC or laptop while connecting USB devices wired to high voltages. It is a sealed device with three connectors for connecting with USB-Host,... Product details
CABLE-ABCX1 ABC Single Hall Cable for Single Channel Brushless Controllers Product details
CABLE-ABCX1M ABC Single Hall Cable for Single Channel "SBL" Controllers Product details
CABLE-ABCX2 ABC Dual Hall Cable for Dual Channel Brushless Controllers Product details
CABLE-ENC1 12" encoder cable and transition board for MDC2230, MDC2460 and XDC2230 products Product details
CABLE-RC2 RC Radio Cable for xDC/xBL-model controllers with 15-pin connectors Product details
CABLE-RC5 25-pin to RC Radio Cable for HDC/HBL-model Controllers Product details
CABLE-S_PWRCTL Cable for connecting PwrCtl voltage to the SDC/SBL controllers Product details
BOB15 Break out board for connecting linear pot to control speed. 9-pin connector is female, 15-pin connector is male. 9 pin dsub cable is not included and is to be ordered separately. Product details
CABLE-BOB15 Break out board with 6' RS232 cable for connecting BOB15 to PC. **This cable replaces previous RS1 cable** Product details

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