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TNT         ER3963920  FEDEX 786730957099        NANJING        CHINA
FEDEX         682449192057        MUMBAI         INDIA
UPS          1ZE5146Y6846857273, 1ZE5146Y6846770286        MIRABEL, QUEBEC         CANADA
FEDEX         682220460776        BELMONT, CALIFORNIA          USA
FEDEX         682220460798        HOFFMAN ESTATES, ILLINOIS        USA
FEDEX         682220460787        TROY, MISSOURI         USA
DHL        3033562910        NICOLET, QUEBEC        CANADA 
UPS        1ZE5146Y0344192188        LIVONIA, MICHIGAN        USA
FEDEX        725706360427        ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN        USA
FEDEX        7257806360265        MONTGOMERYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA        USA
UPS        1ZE5146Y0344088907        BEND, OREGON        USA
FEDEX        725706360438        PRINCEVILLE, QUEBEC        CANADA
DHL        3677687775         HARYANA        INDIA
FEDEX        682220461007         BRADENTON, FLORIDA        USA 
UPS        1ZE5146Y6848687894         MIRABEL, QUEBEC        CANADA
FEDEX         682449192311         JOURE        NETHERLANDS
UPS         1ZE5146Y6847160915         MIRABEL, QUEBEC         CANADA
UPS         1ZE5146Y0347724339         MISSOURI CITY, TEXAS          USA
UPS         1ZE5146Y6847604945, 1ZE5146Y6847786151         MIRABEL, QUEBEC         CANADA
FEDEX         682220462025         SHANGHAI CITY          SHANGHAI
UPS         1ZE5146Y0440738184         BONCOURT         SWITZERLAND
FEDEX         682449192583         MALLING         DENMARK
UPS          1ZE5146Y6642538173         VENLO         NETHERLANDS
FEDEX         682449192572         SINGAPORE         SINGAPORE
DHL         3707279052         DAEJEON-SI         SOUTH KOREA
FEDEX          682449192594         KLANG         MALAYSIA
FEDEX         682449192609, 682449192610         CAMBRIDGESHIRE         UNITED KINGDOM
FEDEX         682449192561         BARCELONA         SPAIN
FEDEX         682220462036         ISMANING         GERMANY
FEDEX         682220462047         NARA         JAPAN
UPS         1ZE5146Y0446743961, 1ZE5146Y0446914375         RADSTOCK, SOMERSET          UNITED KINGDOM 
FEDEX         682220462058         QINGDAO, SHANDONG         CHINA
FEDEX         682220461599         CANTON, GEORGIA           USA
FEDEX         682220462069         FRESNO, CALIFORNIA           USA
FEDEX          682220462070         CLEARWATER, FLORIDA           USA
FEDEX         682220462117          SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA          USA
FEDEX         682220462128         OSHAWA, ONTARIO           CANADA
FEDEX         682220462139         TOWSON, MARYLAND          USA
FEDEX         682220462140         SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA           USA
UPS         1ZE5146Y6846293382, 1ZE5146Y6848036996          MIRABEL, QUEBEC          CANADA
UPS         1ZE5146Y0146061202         WEST ST PAUL, MINNESOTA           USA
FEDEX         682220462210         FREMONT, CALIFORNIA          USA
UPS         1ZE5146Y0746642010         LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA           USA
 FEDEX         682220462220         WARNER ROBINS, GEORGIA          USA
FEDEX         682220462231          CHISAGO CITY, MINNESOTA          USA

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